Committed to your patients’ needs

LUCENTIS Patient Support Program (LPSP): a partner that educates patients and emphasizes the importance of adherence

LPSP provides educational materials to supplement the information that patients learn regarding their condition and treatment during office visits.

  • Supplies answers to commonly asked questions about wAMD, DR, and LUCENTIS
  • Offers tools to keep up motivation and emphasizes the importance of adherence

Sign-up is simple

  • Staff can help patients fill out Part 7 of the Patient Consent Form
  • Patients can visit to enroll

Patients With Diabetic Retinopathy

Patients With Wet AMD

Resources for your patients.
LUCENTIS Co-pay Program
Support for your patients with commercial insurance.
LUCENTIS Access Solutions
Genentech Access Solutions is your resource for access and reimbursement support services.