What you may expect for your LUCENTIS treatment

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What may I expect during a LUCENTIS injection?

You may have already received a LUCENTIS treatment. If not, you should know that LUCENTIS is given as an injection into the eye. Feeling anxious about treatment is normal. Remember, if you have myopic choroidal neovascularization (mCNV), having more information about what to expect with treatment can help put you at ease.

Side effects have been seen with LUCENTIS, including serious eye infections and detached retinas. Before receiving injections, review the Important Safety Information and see the full Prescribing Information associated with LUCENTIS.

Preparing for treatment day

There are a few simple things you may do to help make your LUCENTIS treatment day go smoothly:

  • Tell your doctor about any vitamins, supplements, or medicines you take 
  • For each treatment, plan on being at your doctor’s office for up to a few hours 
  • Schedule an early appointment. Early treatment can help keep your head clear before daily stresses add up
  • Arrange for a close friend or loved one to transport you to and from your appointment

On treatment day

At your appointment, your Retina Specialist may:

  • Ask you to read an eye chart
  • Give you eye drops
  • Perform tests to check the condition of your eye

Before treatment

Before you receive your LUCENTIS treatment, doing these activities may make your experience more comfortable.  Be sure to talk to your Retina Specialist about any discomfort you feel when receiving LUCENTIS.


Listening to music, which can calm your nerves and ease your mind. Ask your doctor if you can bring your own music player to treatment.

Doing breathing exercises, which can help you relax and reduce stress levels.

Equal breathing

Breathe in through your nose over a count of 4:
"1, 2, 3, 4".

Then breathe out through your nose over another count of 4.

And repeat the 8-count exercise as many times as you feel you need. This will help balance your body.

Alternate breathing

Hold your right thumb over your right nostril and breathe in through your nose.

At the height of the breath, take your thumb off your right nostril and hold your index finger over your left nostril.

Exhale, and repeat the exercise by alternating your thumb and index finger.

Progressive relaxation

With your eyes closed, focus on contracting different muscle groups for 2-3 seconds, then relaxing.

Start with your feet and toes, move up to your knees, thighs, rear, chest, arms, hands, neck, jaw, and blinking your eyes. Maintain deep, slow breaths the entire time.

During treatment

Knowing what to expect at the Retina Specialist's office can help ease your mind.

During the injection, your Retina Care Team will do everything they can to help make you feel more comfortable, including:

  • Cleaning the area around your eye, and using a tool to gently hold it open
  • Eye drops to numb your eye before the injection

You may feel some pressure in the eye during the injection. Talk to your doctor about what to expect.

After treatment

Tips for after your LUCENTIS treatment:

  • Always follow your Retina Specialist's instructions
  • Use eye drops if they are prescribed to you by your Retina Specialist
  • Ask your Retina Specialist if you should avoid any particular activities
  • Have someone drive you home 
  • Wear sunglasses if your eyes feel sensitive to light 
  • Try to rest your eyes as much as possible (for at least a few hours)

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