Patient Resources

Support for your patients and their caregivers

Patient Support Program

The LUCENTIS Patient Support Program provides one-of-a-kind assistance for patients living with low vision and their caregivers, including:

  • Live, one-on-one phone support with Patient Support Specialists, Monday-Friday, 9 AM-8 PM ET
  • Brochures mailed right to your patients' homes that can assist them in working with a Retina Specialist
  • E-mails with low-vision tips and other helpful resources

Please refer your patients to our Patient Support Line at 1-866-LUCENTIS (1-866-582-3684), Monday through Friday, 9 AM-8 PM ET.
This patient support line is for information only and is not a substitute for consulting a Retina Specialist. This program does not make treatment recommendations.

Visual impact of wet AMD

Watch the video below to see how a loss in visual acuity may affect your patients.

Vision monitoring

Remember to remind your patients to monitor their vision using an Amsler grid

When using the Amsler grid, patients should:

  • Test each eye separately
  • Hold the grid about 14 inches away
  • Keep reading glasses on, if applicable
  • Cover one eye and look directly at the dot in the center of the grid with the other eye

Download and print an Amsler grid here:

Amsler Grid

Low-vision tips

If your patients are experiencing vision loss, they can make some simple changes to feel safer and more comfortable.

In the bathroom:

  • Use a bath mat with a different feel than the floor or tub. The texture change can help patients enter and exit the bath safely
  • Have a grab bar installed in the tub or shower to help reduce the risk of slips or falls
  • Test the water temperature by turning on the cold water handle first. Always add and turn off the hot water first

In the bedroom:

  • Keep a lamp that can be easily switched on and off from the bedside (such as a clap-on light)
  • Use a night-light

In the living room:

  • Remove potential obstacles, such as coffee tables, footrests, and stools
  • Eliminate furniture that is constructed of glass and/or that blends in with the floor
  • Avoid glare-inducing furniture, or cover furniture with material to reduce this effect
  • Pin down area rugs to avoid tripping over them

In the kitchen:

  • Roll up sleeves or wear short sleeves when cooking at the stove
  • Use pots and pans with heat-resistant handles and knobs
  • Turn handles inward when cooking to avoid accidents
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